We offer ...

  • During the run-up to the approval/registration
    1. Portfolio analysis including strategic planning
    2. Classification of drugs and other products
    3. Selection of the proper course of action
    4. Establishing contacts with the relevant national authorities


  • During the approval/registration phase
    1. Compilation of the approval documents (dossier)
    2. Readability testing
    3. Preparing the product leaflet and labelling in tune with the SPC
    4. planing the market introduction
    5. Support while the application for approval/registration is pending (as authorization holder/applicant - if this is part of our service)


  • After approval/registration
    1. Preparing the print copies of Art work and labels
    2. Advertising support during the product launch as appropriate for the product category
    3. Consultation during Variations
    4. Supporting during renewals
    5. Assistance in searching for distribution partners


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